Computing Professional

Hi! I'm a 38 year old Computing Professional with more then 13 Years of Experience in the IT.

What i do?

Web Application

Create fast, secure and beautifull responsive web application, tailored for your needs.

Data Mining

Automate the way you collect vital information for your business, crawl, scrape, analyze and repeat.

Server Backups

Automate your server and database backup process, save it in the cloud and sync it with your local machine.

Database Migration

Turn your current database schema to anything else is needed.

Tasks Automation

Automate your web application processes using sheduled jobs.

CMS Plugins & Themes

Boost up your favorite CMS like Wordpress, Invision Power Board, OpenCart, etc with custom plugins and themes.

API Integration

Connect your web application with the most powerfull API on the market, like Paypal, Google, Facebook, Mailchimp, Amazon, Etsy etc.

Application Porting

Convert your current App or CMS to anything else is required.

What i use?